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Dallas Magpies V Tulsa Buffaloes

The day had come for the first real hit out of 2016 against our neighbors, the mighty Tulsa Buffaloes! After finally locating a field that we could display our wares, we were ready to take on DB’s mob. Unfortunately for one reason or another, the Buffaloes lost a few players on the way down south, arriving with 16 players. So the Mighty Dallas Magpies decided it was better to make a competitive game and loaned them a few of our stars! Many thanks to Liam Austin, Paddy, Fluffy and Jesse(Houston Lone Stars, but he’s family)(not sure of the others!).

Game started off as expected with Magpies dominating the middle clearances with Storesy, JJ and Matt Taggart (Meghan would be proud) working together like a finely tuned string quartet! Big Rob presented well up forward and took some strong marks, including a spectacular one hander in the 3rd quarter. Willow was dominant all day kicking 4 goals in a best on ground performance, Jazz the Nomad who flew in from Vegas especially to make an appearance shrugged of the Vegas hangover and played a useful game all day.

Down back, Olles, Dave G, Mikey handled the pressure well, restricting Tulsa to 4 goals. Well supported by Eric Jenkins, Tyson and the ever effervescent Jacko!

The big Pumpa, recovering from a broken ankle from the nationals last year, showed he still has some fight in him yet. The “stiff Arm” will now be known as the “pump arm” “PARM” for short for his excellent utilization of the tactic! Although, kicking now needs some work.

Levi, who had not trained, impressed with his lean physique and attack on the ball will be a solid contributor this year. Tommy M showed what training can do, really has improved on last year, dodging and weaving with the best of them.

Must mention the Sydney siders; Lachie, Cramps and Duff man, who before moving to Dallas thought Aussie Rules was a game for poofs! Showed they can progress up the human evolutionary chain and become solid Australia Rules Footballers! JUST REMEMBER YOU CANT THROW THE BALL WHEN THINGS GET TOUGH! BLOODY HANDBALL IT!!!!! Not playing bloody rugby league!!

Great effort Pies, lets get ready for the return match at Tulsa April 30 and keep the intensity up! Remember we are all accountable to each other on and off the field!

Special thanks to Ross for umpiring, Billy for being a legend, Stu Rackham for running the boundary, all supporters and the most important people in our club; our wives, girlfriends and partners. Without you lot, we’d be all watching NFL!

Welcome to our new players who made their debut this week: Tim Rooney, Eric Jenkins, Michael Florek(Governor), Liam Austin, Ben Collins, James Duff, JJ and Jazz the Nomad. Absolutely fantastic effort, never been more excited about the future of our club.

Awards: BOG – Willow

Least effective Australian: Will Bowman(Over indulgence I believe!)


Final Score: Goals     Behinds       Total

Magpies                12            10            82

Buffaloes              4               5               29


Goal Kickers: Willow 4, Rob 2, Michael 2, Lashay 1, JJ 1, Duff 1, Lanks 1

Best Player(Includes Magpies who played for Tulsa): Chris “Willow” Willis, Jaimie “JJ” MacDougall, Levi, Ben “Fluffster” Collins, Storesy, Liam, Austin, Mikey, Paddy, Tommy M

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