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Weekend Wrap up - Metro 04/15
The third round of the Dallas Metro series was upon us and 30 + players made the trek to Crowley Park to participate in the tri team series.

Game 1 saw Dallas Power take on Dallas Roos. Roos Co Captains Greg Paine and David Grzesiak had almost a full squad to choose from whilst Power had a few players out due to the Easter weekend holiday. From the first ball up it was obvious that the Roos were going to be hard to beat. Terry Clark dominated in the ruck with Greg Paine and Ben Collins taking advantage clearing the ball to a raging Jay Duncan at full forward. The Power fought valiantly led by Stephen Moore, Tyson Harding and Josh Morris but were no match for the Dallas Roos who ended up victors by 7 goals.

Game 2 was between the Dallas Roos and Dallas Pies. With the Roos playing back-to-back games, the Pies were hoping for a tired Roos outfit but did not count on their superior fitness. The Roos dominated the center clearances again, this time Dave G and Jacko providing some drive. Jay Duncan again was threatening to tear the game apart but Clay Roy works solidly to keep him to 3 goals. Tommy Magelssen crisscrossing the ground kept the Roos guessing and Zach Marschik, showing he had not lost any of his touch from his Tusla days provided steady resistance to the Roos. In the end the Roos were too strong ending up winners by 8 goals.

The final game of the round was between the Pies and the Power. Both teams had suffered big losses at the hands of the Roos and were desperate for a win. Both teams tried a different tactic at the center bounces bringing in their “not so tall” timber, Alex Crampton and Grant Jortner. Both provided a good contest leaving it the mid fielders Jake Dudley and Mike Mayne to drive their respective teams forward. Tyson Harding was proving a handful for his opposition ending up with 3 goals. The ever youthful Chris Willis played his heart out but the Power were too strong taking out the honors by 3 goals.

Highlights for the day were first gamers, Cole Bax running and bouncing the ball in his first ever game of Australian Rules Football earning Player of the round honors and Jay Duncan’s mate, Jace, showing the transition from basketball to Aussie Rules is not such a large step.

Dallas Roos v Dallas Power

Goals Behinds Total
Dallas Roos 11 6 72
Dallas Power 4 4 28
Goal Kickers
Dallas Roos: Jay Duncan 6, Brenn Miller 1, Ben Collins 1, Patrick Pryor 1, Patrick Chalupsky 1, Greg Paine 1
Dallas Power: Tyson Harding 2, Stephen Moore 1, Mike Mayne 1
Best Players
Dallas Roos: Jay Duncan, Terry Clark, Patrick Pryor, John Paul
Dallas Power: Stephen Moore, Tyson Harding, Rob Kleifgen, Josh Morris

Dallas Roos v Dallas Pies

Goals Behinds Total
Dallas Roos 11 5 71
Dallas Pies 3 2 20
Goal Kickers
Dallas Roos: Jay Duncan 3, Patrick Pryor 2, Ben Collins 1, Jack O’Dell 1, David Grzesiak 1, Patrick Chalupsky1, Monty Lack 1, Jace 1
Dallas Pies: Grant Jortner 1, Chris Willis 1, Clay Roy 1
Best Players
Dallas Roos: David Grzesiak Cole Bax Jase, Jack O'Dell, Monty Lack, Terry Clark
Dallas Pies: Craig Storer, Clay Roy, Tommy Magelssen, Zach Marschik

Dallas Power v Dallas Pies

Goals Behinds Total
Dallas Power 7 5 47
Dallas Pies 4 6 30
Goal Kickers
Dallas Power: Tyson Harding 3, Kyle Bass 2, Stuart Rackham1, Mike Mayne 1
Dallas Pies: Chris Willis 2, Grant Jortner 1, Patrick Pryor1
Best Players
Dallas Power: Mike Mayne, Kyle Bass, Alex Crampton
Dallas Pies: Grant Jortner, Jake Dudley, Chris Willis
Player of the Round – Cole M. Bax
Giving the Umpire Lip Award: Alexander Crampton
A special thank you to our sponsors Lakewood Brewery for providing the post-game nutrition that is so important for recovery and Martin Mondia Photography for filming the day’s action
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Check out the Maggies warming up before our Easter Metro. Only 3 weeks before our first match at the Tulsa Buffaloes!

Thanks to Martin Mondia for the footage!

#GoPies #USAFL
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