1997 A group of people form The Dallas Outlaws Aussie Rules football club

1998 The group held the first of our now weekly training sessions and changed its name to ‘The Dallas Magpies. The club’s first President, Andrew Holland, worked hard to build the team and increase our numbers.

1999 The club formed an Organizational Committee and held several intra-club matches with social gatherings after the events. Many members of the team traveled to our USAFL Divisional Tournament in Kansas City, as well as our first participation in the USAFL Nationals Tournament held in October at Cincinnati, Ohio.

2000 the Dallas Outlaws formed a sister-team alliance with the AFL’s Collingwood Magpies. With this new alliance, the Outlaws became the Dallas Magpies and started to expand from there.

2001 Dallas participated in other tournaments throughout the year and rallied together to register a side to play in the 2001 Nation Championships held in Washington DC. The trophy did not come back to Texas, but it was a great learning experience for all players and supporters. Dallas finished a very respectable 3rd in Division 2.

2002 Dallas joined with Austin and entered a team in the USAFL’s National Championship held in Kansas City. Taking a strong team up north the Magpies were very competitive only losing one game. It was a great year for Dallas and football in Texas.

2003 This was the first year the Magpies entered the Mid American Football League (MAAFL) and competed very well against the likes of Chicago, Cincinnati, Nashville and St. Louis. Of the 18 games played in season 2003 the Dallas team finished with a respectable 10-8 win-loss ratio.

2004-05 The Magpies committee continued to expand the club through targeted recruitment campaigns, with this the additional supporter base continued to grow throughout the DFW metropolis, now consistently over 200 people

2006-08 proved to be solid team building years for the now well-established Dallas Magpies. Player numbers were at all-time highs and direction changed a little to further develop the local talent. With successful promoting of the Magpie franchise in the DFW metroplex, a new metropolitan competition, called Ozball, emerged and acted as a growing roots or foundation base. While the Ozball was paving the way for the future of footy in Texas, the Dallas Magpies continued to compete at a national level, taking on such teams as San Diego Lions, Orange County Bombers, Kansa Power, the Baton Rouge Tigers and closest neighbor the Austin Crows.

2009 After twelve years of competition throughout the Americas the Magpies take out the division three national Championships held in Ohio in convincing fashion, thus automatically promoting them into division two for the next Championships (Oct 2010). The club continues to grow and draw new players and supporters from all over the world

2010 Another very successful year with the 2011 Dallas Magpies winning the Coopers USAFL premiership Ladder Competition, which saw 40+ teams battle out for top spot. Dallas remained undefeated in the regular season and finished 3rd in their Nationals Tournament Division. Dallas star Craig Storer won the 2011 Coopers MVP for the entire USAFL league consisting of over 800 players.

2011 Losing only a couple of games during the regular season the Dallas Magpies went from strength to strength and completed a clean sweep of the Division 2 National Championship in Austin, Texas. The Magpies dominated the tournament outscoring opponents 31 goals to 4 in the competition. Dallas Magpies were the Division 2 National Champions in 2011.

2012-2014 The Dallas Magpies currently compete in the highest level of the USAFL, Division 1.   With a strong club full of Aussies and experienced Americans, the Dallas Magpies look to compete for the USAFL National Championship during the 2014 Season.